A Regional Leader in Agronomy

Agveris has long been a leader in regional agronomy, particularly in the area of soil fertility. At Agveris, we work with progressive growers in North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota and Wisconsin to help balance soils, maximize fertilizer efficiency and deliver higher profits.

The team at Agveris developed SoilSync for agronomists and crop consulting firms to use at the time of harvest to ensure timely soil sampling. The soil sampling test results drop off dramatically when it’s done after any type of tillage has taken place. The benefit of this app is that the grower will be able to connect with the agronomist or soil samplers as soon as they are done harvesting the field, notifying them via the app that the field is harvested and it is ready for soil sampling.  This allows the soil samplers to sample the field within a short time frame, and then the app allows the soil sampler to notify the grower that their field has been sampled and tillage can now take place.  Once the soil sample analysis is back from the lab, the results can then be posted and pulled up by field on the app. This allows growers/agronomists to make the best fertilizer recommendations and seed selections for their particular soil, resulting in higher yields (more dollars per acre) as well as better soil health/quality. It is a big challenge for agronomists to get in touch with growers and get these samples done within the short window required to do their job for the grower.