“I have known Cory Oberlander for several years now, and we first met at a Pro Ag 1 seminar in Fargo, ND.  Cory is an outstanding crop and soils advisor who carries an attitude of improvement versus the status quo we so often see in the agricultural consulting marketplace these days.  He does not fear new ideas and he digs deep into research as he prepares a “high profit per acre plan” using product and information technologies for any grower who wants to rise above the pack, gain a competitive advantage, and move ahead.  Highly recommended.”

– Dennis M. Dammen, President, Crop-Maxx, Minneapolis, MN

 “I work with growers on a daily basis, and I believe progressive and proper balanced plant nutrition is the largest component to improving yields. I’ve seen first hand how Cory can take yields to the next level. If I farmed, he’d be the first person I would work with on improving yields and efficiency.”

– Jeremy Bittner, Innovation Specialist – BASF, Fargo, ND